The New BOLA Ball Trainer is a new and unique design concept. It has been specifically developed as a source of consistent ball delivery and is destined to be regarded as a must have piece of equipment for the coaching and practise of a variety of ball sports. Given its design background – the BOLA stable of practice machines for cricket and hockey, its pedigree is proven with nearly 30 years of manufacturing and design expertise in ball throwing machines.

How to provide your group of children with a consistent delivery for catching, fielding or batting / hitting / striking is an age old problem which makes the development of the basics of most ball games very reliant on the throwing or bowling skills of the coach or teacher. The BOLA Ball Trainer is there to fill this gap and enable the coach to effectively train young beginners or improvers with an accurate reference ball for all skill disciplines.

Extensive testing in Cricket, Rounders and Tennis has indicated the need for a machine which will enable improvements in all areas of these sports without being specific to any one. The BOLA Ball Trainer is the obvious choice for any school or environment that is playing any of these ball sports. Its all round capabilities in multiple sports are unique.

The Ball Trainer is based around a Tennis Ball sized ball but will also effectively throw / bowl / pitch Rounders Balls, ‘Slazballs’, Junior Incrediballs, Junior Windballs as well as a specifically developed dimpled machine practice ball for the machine.

The ball speed range is between 20 and 60 mph and it has fully variable speed. Top Spin and Back Spin can be imparted to the ball. Elevation / length is easily adjustable.

The ball reservoir holds in excess of 75 balls which are automically fed into the machine. The ball feed sequence can be started and stopped with a keyfob remote control. There are traffic lights on the machine to indicate the ball feed status.

The Ball Trainer operates from an internal battery which will run the machine for more than 4 hours on one charge. A plug in charger and mains supply is available. The delivery height on the stand is 1300mm. The stand has wheels and enables the machine to be easily transported and wheeled into position.

The Ball Trainer can be used anywhere from a Tennis Court to back garden and is equally at home in an indoor sports hall or outdoor cricket net.


The BOLA Ball Trainer is supplied with a battery, a plug-in charger/mains supply, 12 Cricket practice balls and a novel tennis ball catching deflector perfecting catching or volleying skills. £1500.00 plus VAT


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